Global warming in English

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Global warming is a serious problem to our world. Global warming is defined as the current rise in the average temperature of earths atmosphere and ocean and its projected continuation. There are several types of reason for global warming. It includes solar activity particulates and soot green house gases such as carbon dioxide, methane gas, and nitrous oxide. Human activities are the main cause of global warming. Human starts deforestation.

Nitrogen oxide from farming and release of methane gas through cattle and rice paddies. Global warming is also caused by green house. Green house produces too much light and heat which may result the rising the temperature. Heat is also produced in working mines. The government takes several steps to protect our country from global warming and these are:--
1:-The prime minister started national action plan on climate change it contain sub plans including national solar mission to increase the share of solar energy consumption.

 2:-Bee ratings have been introduced for electrical appliance, like tubelights, So that the people know how much there electicity bills is going to increase and to buy less energy consumption appliances.

3:- India has announced a national biofuel policy,  by which biofuel will be grown or non-agricultural land by using Jatropha plant.

4:-Bharat IV emmission form for all four wheelers will be introduced in the country from 2010.

5:- India is the 4th largest production of  electricity by wind energy in the world and
 the government offer concession to companies who established wind farms.

Now, If  we do not minimise our regular activities then the Ice in Antarctica will melt due to increasing of high temperature and whole world will sink or can Burt dut to increasing of high temperature. now it becomes really a major concern.   

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