Concentration makes your Life successful, एकाग्रता ही आपके जीवन को सफल बनाती है !!

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  • Today we will know that "what is Concentration and advantages of Concentration, that why Concentration is very useful for us."


 Focusing all the attention on a single thing physical or mystical is called concentration. In another word we can say that it is a state of mind in which we get humrous position of our mind. But recollection of mind is not easy things because it has so much function in which it persists engaged temporarily.

Sometimes it is charmed towards physical glitterings and sometimes it is charmed towards mystical secrecy. And according to mental engagement human body roams higher and thither performing. Its different actions and interaction. Therefore,
 it is clear concept that our human body roams according to the imperation of our mind. Since mind is our controlling power.

Concentration is a very good learning position in which we can develop our inner consciousness deep and deeper for the welfare of individual or social level.

I would like to attract your attention that deep rooted tribute of our mind playsa good role in concentration of mind. The laws of attraction and repulsion may be considered here because without repulsion from the physical manners or outworld manners,
the attraction to worlds inner consciousness cannot be achived at any cost. Secondly concentration of mind requires curiosity yo be convinced more and more properly. We have to bear in mine that tributes and ciriosity are the state of mind. It is important that is requires enthusiastic action and interactions to fulfil thecuriosity of our mind. These actions bind the boundry line for the adjustment of our five sense organs.

As a result their dispersing running towards outward world will be controlled slowely if practice may be made regularly with great patients. Our great monk, Swami Vivekanand once said,

''supreme aim of my life is concentration in alone.''

Thae great monk knew that there were falling turminus also during practicing period of concentration. different typpes of achievement may be bad. Thay may charm the practitioner towards many prosperities and eight type of techniques which give so many type of succesfulness.

Here is turminus that a practitionar has to keep patience and not to be charmed the eight Siddis and nine Nidhis And then he can achieve main goal of his life.

Achieving concentration of our mind is a very good Idea. In enciant Era all our pious saints had made their traditions to teach the lesson of meditation among their disciples for the development of soft qualities like nobility, kindness, sacredness and brevity also. it gives the Learners in the mind to grasp  more and more hard lesson in human life. Modern education with a concentrate mind will be more effective in our practical life. It makes the children's mind more capable to learn any type of art or science very easily in proper way because the nervous system persist conscious of  the concentrated mind.

I would like to express, my opinion that it should be practised from very beginning period among our tiny students because there is so much thunderness in the inner qualities of the children.  There is  lakeness of regidity in our Young learners. And  as I hope if yoga activities to be practiced under the guidance of perfect teacher, there will be no downfall of morality among our newly emerging young Society. Ignoring  the physical exercises and yoga are the main cause of development of disobedience  among the modern students. Our great teacher alredy inspired a great prescription. So many years in our great treasure of knowledge "Gita" 

श्रद्धावान लभते ज्ञानं तत्परः संयतेन्द्रियः ।
ज्ञानं लब्ध्वा परं शान्तिमचिरेणाधिगच्छति ।।

तात्पर्य :- श्रद्धावान, जितेन्द्रिय और साधन परायण मनुष्य को ज्ञान की प्राप्ति होती है । ज्ञान मिलने पर वह शीघ्र ही परम शांति को प्राप्त हो जाता है।

We can get following abstract state of our mind by it:-
A. It controls the dispersing mental attitude and bends towards intellectuality.

B. It brings elasticity in trend of our mind our imagination power.

C. Our little child may be couragious.

D. It increases our inner conscience deeply.

E. It gives the satisfaction to the practionars.

F. It teaches the rigid lesson of punctuality.

G. It brings balance between mind and body.

It can grow a great personality among our teenagers.

This priscription must be adopted in our school or collage curriculam. So that a civilized young society may be bad for the sake of rooting our corruption, torturiing and anarchy of the whoke human society.
I hope this article is useful for you you.
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