How to Search Live Flight Status.

Dear Friends, do you want to see your journey plane live,

search your live plane in Internet using your Laptop or smartphone, then follow the instructions-
How to Search Live Flight Status.

At first open your any browser and then Type in search Bar, Link Bilow :-

Then a Interface will open up to you and you can see the search bar key -

You have to click on the search bar and search which place you want to Search like  Delhi to pune/mumbai to delhi , etc.

Now,you can sea live status of the plane of delhi to pune or where you have search for.

You can see the live time schedule of plane.

You can see the real image of the plane.

You can sea the Radar name like- Which Radar is used to measure the live plane. 

You can sea the speed and altitude graph.

You can sea the true air speed, Critical speed, Calibrated altitude, Ground speed, Indicated air speed, Gps altitude, Vertical speed, etc.

You can also sea the type of plane, Registration, Mode-s Hex code, Age of the plane etc.

You can sea Great Circle distance, Average flight time, etc.

You can sea the path of the plane from where plane take-of to land.

In this way you can sea the live flight status.

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