Top 5 best Android video Editing Apps

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Today I am going to say you about top 5 Android Video editing apps. Those who do not have a Computer and think that video editing can not be done without computer, then it is wrong to think. Those who want to edit the video and they do not have a computer, I have brought the Information of some android apps which will help you in editing a professional video. Let know that what is the name of the apps and their qualities.
Top 5 Video Editing Apps

These all Apps are available in play Store You can install that for free on play Store.

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1 :- KineMaster :-

KineMaster is an app that can help you become a professional video maker using your Smartphone or any other mobile devices.

Kinemaster provides you the facilities to create great and the very unique videos for you. It is very easy to use.

KineMaster supports multi layer functionality, so you can add text, music, photos and even other videos into a project. The settings also be adjusted easily For an Example  you can provides background on certain parts, eg in additional images, text or overall video. The music volume also can be adjusted easily. So, it's up to you can creat a video as you like, as you want.

What types of works you can do with kinemaster :-
◆ Precision Editing
◆ Instant preview
◆ Multi track Audio
◆ Multiple Layers
◆ Colour Adjustment
◆ Speed control
◆ Pro audio features
◆ Chroma key
◆ Voice recording and many more

 2 :- Power Director :-

Power Director is very good Video editing Software developed by Cyberlink. PowerDirector enables the trimming, joining, and overlaying of clips and effects, also support new standards format, such as the H.265 video and 360-degree footage. Power Director is the fastest and most capable Video Editor.

The properties provided by power director :- 
◆ You can add very fantastic effects in power director
◆ Merge two videos in one
◆ You can add animated title text, video,images, music and stickers
◆ Speed control
◆ 90° rotation
◆ Colour change
◆ Volume control
◆ skeen Smoother
◆ Chroma key and
◆ Reverse

These all qualities you can use in power director.

3 :- Viva Video :-

Viva video is the free  video camera and video editor in Android available in playstore. You can easily creat your video story, made simple and fun with your friends and family. It is very easy to use.

You can easily produce professional looking video results by :
Trimming, merging, splitting, speed controls and reverse.

Transform your clips and photos into memorable videos with :-
Adding text, music, transition, filters, themes, stickers and other.

Under Viva video you can do many type of works like :- 
◆ Capture Video
◆ Creat Slideshows
◆ Edit video in very professional look.
◆ Take selfie
◆ Add creative effects
◆ And creat Villages

4 :- VideoShow :-

VideoShow is the video editor is in one of the most popular video editing apps. VideoShow is reliable and easy to use. It is a simple video editor that lets you do the basic stuff like trim video, organize your clips, and add music. You can also beautify your video by adding text, effects, music and sound effects in this.

With the help of VideoShow you can do this type of works :-
◆ Edit professional video
◆ Create slideshow
◆ Shoot a video
◆ Ultra cut
◆ Compress
◆ Reverse
◆ Video to mp3
◆ Transcode
◆ And tap slide

5 :- FilmoraGo :-

FilmoraGo the video editor is in one of the most popular video editing apps. It is very simple to use. You can also create professional video using this mobile app. It is available in playstore for free so you can install it from playstore.

You can do many things with the help of FilmoraGo like  :-

◆ Trim, transition, pip, crop, adjust, etc in the Video.

That are the works you can do with the help of FilmoraGO :-
◆ Add music
◆ Add text
◆ Voice over or recording
◆ Audio mixing and volume control
◆ Chroma key
◆ Reverse
◆ Speed control

This type of work you can do with filmoraGo.

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